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PostSubject: Rules   14th August 2009, 07:30

===Rules Players===

* Nick indecent sites -> BAN 60 min
* I am prohibited by all codes (permanent ban)
* NOT make requests and admin slot server (kick)
* There is no claim on the server (kick)
* You can ping with more than 100 (kick, ban 10 min)
* NOT cursing server (Kick / Ban 60min)
* NOT threaten server (Kick, Ban 60min)
* Arguments are not allowed on the server (gag, llama, kick, ban 60min)
* Is NOT allowed to have in the nick name of another server or site. (Permanent Ban)
* Do not advertise other servers (Permanent Ban)
* NOT comenteaza decisions than the forum administrator.
* The map de_cbble boarding is not permitted / station in the tower team Terrorist
* Not allowed on the map (de_dust, de_nuke, etc..) -> 60 min BAN
* Terroristii need to put the bomb with 35 seconds before the expiration time (thongs / slay).
* CT should try dezamorseze bomb (thongs / slay). (unless one remains 1 player with more than 4 d and is not sure himself)
* The map is prohibited awp_map2 players to stay in the hole! -> Kick / ban 60 min
* Changing the systematic name is forbidden -> BAN 60-120 min (automatically kick)
* AFK players (which were not made although spectators are not the computer) will receive Kick / Ban 10 min
* It is forbidden in campatul excessive (slay / kick) (and here I mean ... if the Terrorist bomb is nepusa and campeaza)
* Nickurile that start with or contain more than 4 special characters are forbidden (@#$%^&*~`)
* Not allowed excessive reconnect to the server (retry / reconnect) -> 10 min BAN (Automatic)
* The rule to remember to no comments for awp_bycastor: You may Arms!

* If swear words make serious permanent ban without discussion!

=== Admin Rules ===

* To Cheat sites of any kind (wallhack, ESP, speedhack, aimbot, scripts, etc ...) -> PERMANENT BAN demo attached with pictures or blind or + console.
7 days suspend -

* Order amx_unban be used only with the MasterAdmin
restraining order-to PK / suspend 1 week

* NOT da kick / ban the admin (MasterAdmin only has this right)
3 days suspend -

* NOT admin entrusts another person

* Adminii not allowed to put a player to "forget" after the code if it is all admin and spectator
-warn/suspend 2 days

* It is not allowed to vote without changing the map, and vote will be given only in the last 5 minutes of the papers in question.
Exception: the constant flood map (lag from a non-standard map), less than 10 players on a large map (de_chateau), or more than 10 players on a small map (fy_snow) etc.. In this case it is preferable that the admin to initiate a vote of at least 4 maps, but is not mandatory.
supend-4 days

* Maps included in the vote should not include the last 2 maps played. If a map has been played here last time, it will change (to vote) in the first 5 minutes.
-warn/suspend 2 days

* The vote will give a minimum of 2 MAPS!
3 days suspend -

* The vote will elect maps based on the number of players on the server ... (eg you do not vote in 9vs9 when snow or more, mainly because the maps are not small enough pointuri spawn and die at the beginning players round)!
3 days suspend -

* It is PROHIBITED abuse orders (amx_say, amx_tsay, amx_slap, amx_slay, etc.) to be in evidence, including flood with these commands.
3 days suspend -

* Each ban more than 24 hours (1440 min) gave no evidence for the model given
3 days suspend -

* NOT pemise arguments between the admin server.
7 days suspend -

* Adminii are responsible for decisions taken just before the MasterAdmin


* Not allowed to use commands that benefit or disadvantage certain players (orders for life, armor, noclip, etc.).

* The Member of 9mm are also obliged to send the pictures made by admin to check their accuracy (in principle be known as the 9mm clan does not play with codes, but they must follow the rules).

* Registration forum administrator is required!

* Each time ban will be posted on the forum attended by nick, ip, reason and evidence (demo / photos) only banurile more than 24 hours (1440 min) will post the model given 24 hours after the ban.
5 days suspend -

* Is the game free, so lasatil free (you do not other rules besides the server):

* Adminii need to take care of sv (no lag, no code, no spam, no injuraturi, etc.) for each violation of a player will be punished according to the rules.
5 days suspend -

* Adminii must follow the rules that players must give their example.
5 days suspend -

=== Manage Notifications ===

* If a lower admin admin jigneste a superior he is entitled to amx_gag gives, and if admin PK is offended or higher, he is entitled to give a temporary ban (not that any attention is insulting remark, if you ban pathetic will be sanctioned)

* If a player has too few letters in a name or common name that we have more on sv and can give kick / ban you amx_flags will appear VALVE_ID_LAN Nick xxx, xxx find a number that represents userid, please that number and you ban / kick amx_kick form # xxx # xxx or amx_ban minute

* Any admin has the obligation to comply with these rules and to punish players under the rules!

* You do not have permission to give money to another admin, if you consider that an admin is coded, take evidence and make the complaint on the forum supported by evidence.

* You must wear you with absolutely any civilized jucator.Inainte to apply a sanction (llama, slay, kick, temp ban) to warn the player or players and most importantly: Have your civilized

* Do you have admin, so play with him, not go to other sites nick catch hoping that another admin making a mistake then post on the forum, do not get anything out of suspend and then relegation!

* The removed admins will have 7 days to submit a appeal
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